Childless problem

Children are the gift of God. After marriage every couple has a desire that they will be the parent of somebody.This wish makes them complete in their married life. But, because of some situations they are unable to gain this opportunity.Without having a baby, a woman is preferred as “Baanjh”. She suffered a lot of problems. People are commenting on her for not able to conceive.This is the unbearable task for a woman.

In villages, a woman who is suffered from childless problem has to bear husband’s second wife. Her family members want a baby to grow up their generation, so that’s why they married their son with an another girl. It is very difficult to bear that girl. The victim had completely lost her importance.

Acharya Ji provide a facility of solving this childless problem. So that a woman does not tolerate this type of behavior. By contacting them, a couple can easily get their own baby. This is a very beautiful service that no one can provide easily,as we are the only one who can do.

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